The Editors

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Tai Dietrich is a first generation Korean American transplant born in Seoul and raised in Arizona. She has a BA in Religious Studies and Political Science from The University of Arizona and is currently in her final year of graduate school at San Diego State University. Her experiences with identity crises, family dysfunction, and cultural conflict inspired her to read adversity narratives and, hopefully one day, write her own memoir. Tai lives in San Diego, CA with her partner Ian and her cats Miffy and Quelaag. She’s passionate about public advocacy, anime, and writing with colored markers.



10625122_10203272645070074_3348096893117046230_nShannon Strack holds an AA in English and is currently a third year undergraduate student at San Diego State University pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in English. When not muddling through the extensive reading list in her current curriculum, Shannon will pick up anything around her and start reading it, be it a magazine, newspaper, or cereal box. Among the things she loves are quiet bookstores, yoga, football, rainy days and typographical errors in novels (her bookshelf definitely has a few marked paperbacks). Shannon Strack hopes to one day work in publishing.




Lorenia Salgado spent her undergraduate years at UCLA studying Philosophy. She is currently working towards her MA in English, specializing in Comparative Literature.





Erica Dobecki is a 22 year-old senior at San Diego State University with an AA in Literature and Communication. She is incredibly active in her sorority, Delta Zeta, with aspirations to be an editor or literary agent once she graduates. She is absolutely obsessed with reading anything she can get her hands on and has an extensive library. When she was 6-years-old, Erica wrote a story about how her sister accidentally murdered her father in a car accident and that is her overall outlook on life, except with a lot more positivity and sarcasm. One of her main achievements in life is being photogenic and she makes sure to take advantage of every opportunity to post selfies on Instagram.

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